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Add employees

Now that you have your company settings in order, it's time to add & and invite your team to start using Timeero.

You can add users one at a time, import them with a CSV, or in some cases, pull them in from your payroll software integration.

Once you are logged into the Web Portal, please follow the steps below to add users one at a time. 

  1. Click on Users - you will see this tab on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Next, choose Add User on the right-hand side of your screen and fill in the required fields:

First Name

Last Name

Email Address - The email entered will be the username (for this user) and is required to log into the web and mobile app.  This email address cannot be used for more than one person.  If the user does not have an email address, use a fake one.

Password - The password entered will be the password (for this user) required to log into the web and mobile app.  The password is case-sensitive, and employees can change it at any time.

User Role - Timeero offers 3 roles:  Admin, Manager, and Employee.

  • Admins have full privileges in Timeero and can access all information for all users, company settings, account & billing details and is the only role with access to adding & deactivating users.
  • Managers can only see timesheets, reports, and schedules of the users within their Group.  If you have managers, please create a Group and add a manager and the employees they supervise to the same group.
  • Employees can only access their own timesheets & schedules.

Other Fields:

  • Phone Number - If you would like to send the user an invitation to use Timeero via SMS (a great option if a user has no email), this becomes a Required Field.  Please be sure to enable the Invite via SMS feature by clicking on the box beside it.  SMS only works in the US and Canada.
  • Track User's Location - When turned on, this will require your user to verify his/her location when clocking in/out. Their location will be captured every 150 feet.
  • Track Mileage - When turned on, the user's mileage will be tracked. For this feature to work, you must turn on Track User's Location. 
  • Hourly Rate - The Hourly or Daily rate is used to calculate how much money is owed to a user for time worked. Set it to 0 if it's a salaried user or if the rate is unknown. When the Daily rate is set, the dollar amount entered is how much money is owed to a user each day, no matter how many hours the user has worked.
  • Groups - A group can be a department (sales, marketing, warehouse) or a way to organize your account (hourly workers vs salary workers).  With groups, you can create shifts for a group of users, run reports for a group, and assign jobs to specific teams. Learn more about groups here: Groups.  If you have managers, you will want to create groups.

When a new user is added & assigned to an existing group, if that group is already assigned to a job or multiple jobs, then that person who was just assigned to the group will automatically be assigned to that job.  


  • MILEAGE COST - PER MILE (overrides company mileage rate) - Fill in this field if the user gets reimbursed a different amount than all other users for mileage.  When you enter a mileage reimbursement rate in company settings, all users get reimbursed that amount UNLESS there is a rate entered in this field.

Once you are finished entering the information, click Add User at the bottom of the page.

🎉 Success!  An invite has been sent to the user 🎉

Invitations are sent via email or SMS.  The invitation includes a link to download our mobile app and login credentials (email and password).

In the web portal, you will see an Invite Pending badge. Once the user logs into the app, the invite pending badge will be removed.

If your employee has not logged into the mobile app yet, you can resend the invitation.

To resend an invitation, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Users tab.

  2. To the far right of the user's name, click on the Resend Invitation icon:

  3. A new box will pop up asking -  Are you sure you want to resend the invitation?

  4. Click Resend Invite.

  • When you resend the invite, a new machine-generated password will be generated and included in the invitation.
  • Invites can only be sent to users if they have not yet logged into their Timeero account. Once the user logs in, invites cannot be resent.
  • In the case of a new mobile device, you can shoot them a text or an email advising them to download the app from the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android).  Be sure to include their login credentials - email and password.