My employee is clocked in but why can't I see them on my end?


In order for the mobile app to talk to our servers, there has to be a good internet connection. So if you cannot view the User in the Who's Working Page when you know that he/she has clocked in, it is likely that the User clocked in while not connected to the internet.

Because the Timeero mobile apps are built to work offline, Users can still clock in/out without an internet connection. His/Her GPS location and time can be captured and stored on the device. It will only be available in the cloud after the User gets back online.


If an employee's time card or entry is showing on their phone but not showing for you, then it most likely means they did not have a good internet signal while attempting to track time or mileage.

The Timeero app will store the time entry on the user's phone.

When will their time or mileage show up for me?


When the user re-opens the app and has an internet connection.


  • You can ask the user to force a manual sync by going to the Timeero app and choosing Settings (or the gear icon on iOS) and then choosing Tap to manually sync.
  • Ask them to check their time entries tab to see if the specified time shows. If it shows have them send you a picture.
  • Ask the user to add a note to the time entry that is not showing for you. [Make sure they have an internet connection when doing this]
  • Do not delete the Timeero app if some time entries are not showing else the time entries will be lost.
  • If all fails contact our support team.