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How to Import Users with a CSV

Users can be added one at a time or in bulk. This article explains how to add users in bulk with our CSV template.

Some of our payroll integrations will allow you to pull in users directly from your payroll software (Gusto, Paychex, etc.). 

If you're on our Pro or Premium Plan, please visit Integrations to see if you can import users from the integration.

How to Import Users using a CSV

  1. Log in to the web portal
  2. Click on Users
  3. Click on Import Users
  4. Click on Download Template
  5. Open the downloaded file and do not change or add columns.  Do not reformat the CSV.
  6. Enter the user's first name in Column A
  7. Enter the user's last name in Column B
  8. Enter the user's email in Column C.
    1. This email is unique to this user only, and it will be used to log into the mobile app.  The same email address cannot be used more than one time.  
    2. If the user does not have an email address, create a fake one.  An email address is required to log into the mobile app.

  9.   Enter the user's phone number in Column D.  Do not add dashes or spaces.  Use the same format you see on the template.

10.   Enter the user's role in Column E.  This is the Timeero role and it is required.  Leaving this column blank will cause an error with your upload.  Enter admin or manager or employee, as shown on the template.  No other role will be accepted.  If you're not sure, read this article - Timeero Roles and Permissions

11.  Enter the user's hourly wage in Column F.  If you don't want to enter a pay rate, leave this column blank.  

12.  Enter a unique password, specifically for this user, in Column G.  Passwords must contain 6 characters, one uppercase, one lowercase, one number, and one special character such as ! or @

13.  Enter the employee id in Column H.  This is not required.  If you prefer not to enter the employee id (internal company payroll id that will show on Timeero reports), that's fine; just leave Column H blank.

14.  Column i cannot be left blank.  If you want to track miles for this user, enter a Y in this column.  If you do not wish to track miles for this user, enter a N in this column.

15.  Column J cannot be left blank.  If you want the invite to use Timeero to be sent to the user now, enter a Y.  If you want to send the invitation at a later date manually, enter a N.

16.  Columns K and L cannot be left blank.  If you want to send the invitation to use Timeero via email, enter a Y in column K and a N in column L.  If you want to send the invitation to use Timeero via SMS text, enter a N in column K and a Y in column L.

        a.  SMS text invites can only be sent to USA and Canada phone numbers.  If the user is outside of the USA or Canada, please be sure to send the invitation via email.  If you choose SMS text, the user will not receive an invite.

17.  Save your file.  It must be saved as a CSV file.

18.  In Timeero, click the Import Users button again and choose Upload CSV File