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User Roles & Supervisor Permissions - Employees, Managers & Admins


Admins are responsible for assigning each user their role when adding them to Timeero.  Go to the Users tab in your dashboard to view roles, change roles, or assign new users.

Timeero offers 3 role types:

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Employee

Administrators have full privileges in Timeero and can access all information for all users.

Admin permissions include, but are not limited to:
  • Adding, deactivating, and deleting users
  • Changing user passwords
  • User role designation
  • Assigning users to jobs and groups
  • Adjusting company settings
  • Billing
  • Viewing and editing timesheets
  • Creating and editing schedules
  • Creating and editing jobs and tasks
  • Running reports for all users
  • Setting up integrations
  • Message blast
  • View all users who are currently working


Managers can only see the details of the users within their Group.  If you have managers, please create a Group and add a manager and the employees they supervise to the same group.

Permissions include:

  • Clock in users or Clock out users that are assigned to the same group
  • Viewing timesheets of all users assigned to the same group
  • Approving timesheets of all users assigned to the same group
  • Running reports that include all users assigned to the same group
  • Adding and editing jobs for all users assigned to the same group
  • Message blast to all users assigned to the same group
  • Scheduling of all users assigned to the same group
  • Receiving and accepting/rejecting time-off requests from all users assigned to the same group

If you would like your manager(s) to be able to add, edit & delete timesheets for all users assigned to the same group, you will need to permit them.  Open the  Users page & click on the pencil icon to the far right of the manager's name. This will open the user's profile.  Next, click on Additional Settings and turn on the toggle next to Add, Edit & Delete Time/Mileage.  Finally, click the Update User button to save the change.


To Learn More About Groups, Click Here.


Employees can clock in/out, view their own schedules & timesheets, add notes & photos to their own timesheets, and receive message blasts.

Want to give some of your Employees additional privileges?

There are scenarios where an Employee role may need more than their default permissions. For example, you may want a user with an Employee role to be able to run their own reports. This is where Supervisor Permissions come into play. Using Supervisor Permissions, you can grant your Employee role users access to do more than their default permissions allow.

Supervisor Permission Options


Add, Edit & Delete Time/Mileage: Permits the user to add, edit and delete their own timesheets.

Add, Edit & Delete Schedule: Permits the user to add, edit and delete their own shifts.

Add, Edit & Delete Job: Permits the user to add, edit and delete their own jobs.

View Report: Permits the user the ability to run reports - for themselves only - via the desktop website.

View’s Who’s Working: Permits the user to see who’s currently working and where they are. This permission requires the user to be assigned to a group. The user will only see the people assigned to the same group.

Follow these steps to change the permissions for an Employee role user:

  1. Open your Timeero desktop app.
  2. Click on Users.
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to the employee you want to edit.
  4. Click on Additional Settings.
  5. Click on the info button next to Supervisor Permissions for full details of each permission.
  6. Turn on the toggle next to the permission you'd like to activate for the user.
  7. Click on Update User to save your changes.