How do I change my password

Mobile App

1. For iOS, open the mobile app, tap on Login and then tap Forgot Password.  For Android, open the mobile app and then tap Forgot Password.

2. Enter your email address.  For iOS, tap on the Reset Password button.  For Android, tap on the Send Instructions button. 

3. An email will be sent to you.

** Photos in this article are on iOS **

3. Open the email and tap on Change my password



4.  You will be directed to our website.  You will no longer be inside the mobile app.  Enter a new password and enter the same password again in the confirm password field.  Tap on the Set Password button.


5.  To log into the mobile app, DO NOT tap the Back to Login button.   Remember, you've been re-directed to our website to change your password.  Tapping the Back to Login button will take you to our website to log in.

6.  Close your web browser and go back to the mobile app to log in


If you know your password, but it's time for a change:


How to change your password