GPS & mileage tracking mobile app checklist


Timeero uses GPS for both location and mileage tracking. 

  • If your employer requires location tracking, use this checklist to ensure your mobile device is set up properly.
  • If you are reimbursed for miles, use this checklist to ensure all of your mileage is accounted for. 

  1.   Turn off battery saver mode.

GPS works by transmitting signals from the phone’s GPS receiver chip to the satellite. When the battery saver kicks on, it blocks the signals from being transmitted.  No signals = no mileage tracking.


How to disable battery saver settings:

  • iPhone: Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode
  • Motorola: Battery > tap on the menu on the top right corner > Battery Optimization > Not Optimized > All Apps > Timeero > Don’t Optimize.
  • Samsung: Access Battery Settings > App Power Saving > Details > Timeero > Disabled.
  • LG: Go to Settings > Battery and Power Saving > Battery Usage > Ignore Optimizations > Turn ON for Timeero.
  • Sony: Battery > Tap the menu on the top right corner > Apps > Timeero.

  2.   Set Timeero location access to always.

Setting the permission to Always or Allow all the time enables you to run the app in the background so you can use your device for other things like directions or making calls.  If you choose 'Only while using the app,' you will need to have the app open on your phone the entire time you are on the clock, which is not convenient for anyone.  Always or Allow all the time will prevent you from being shorted on miles driven.


How to turn on location access for Timeero:

  • Android: Settings > Apps & Notifications > Timeero > Permissions Location > Location > Allow all the time
  • iPhone: Settings and type Timeero in the search bar > Timeero > Location > Always

  3.   Make sure you have the latest version of Timeero installed.

If your mobile apps do not automatically update, it's a good idea to check the App Store (iPhone) and Play Store (Android) every so often to make sure you are using the most current version of our app.  Once you are in the App or Play store, search for Timeero.  If an update is required, you will see an update button.

  4.   Do not force close the app.

While you are clocked in and tracking mileage, our app must be running in the background so that signals can be transmitted between your phone and GPS satellites.  If the app is force closed (swiped up and out), signals cannot be transmitted.  Miles will not be tracked if the app is force closed.


Timeero does not track mileage while you are on a break.  Once you click on the Start Break button, GPS stops.  When you click on the End Break button, tracking will resume.