Can GPS tracking be optional?
Yes. Administrators can turn GPS on and off.

Am I still being tracked when I clock out, or when I am on break?
No. The Timeero apps will only capture and store locations when you are clocked in. Once you clock out, tracking ends and your location is no longer being sent to our servers or to your Admin.  Watch this video for more details.


Why do I have to set my location access to 'Always' on iOS / 'Allow all the time' on Android? Doesn't that mean Timeero will track me all the time? Even after I clock out?

Setting the permission to Always or Allow all the time enables you to run the app in the background. If you choose 'Only while using the app', you will need to have the app open on your phone the entire time you are on the clock. That is not convenient for anyone, since most of our users need to make calls or use their mobile device for other things like directions, for example, while they are working. If you do not give the Always or Allow all the time permission, you will be shorted miles. If your company is reimbursing you for miles, you will need to set your location access to Always or Allow all the time to ensure you are not being shorted. Finally, for Android devices, if you do not choose to Allow all the time, background data will not be turned on for the app. This also affects GPS in a huge way and you will be shorted miles.


Can Timeero be used to secretly track people?

No. Timeero is not a spy service. The only way tracking can start is when the user logs into the app with their own email and password and proceeds to clock in. Tracking only starts when the user clocks in.


What do you do with the data collected? Is it shared with third parties?

No. Timeero does not share information with third parties. Timeero Privacy Policy


Why is my odometer reading different from what Timeero has calculated? My miles in Timeero are not identical to what my car odometer is showing. Why?

Your car's odometer and GPS satellites capture miles in different ways. And so, factors that influence tracking also differ. GPS uses satellites to pinpoint your location & capture the distance traveled, while an odometer is designed to count the number of revolutions made by the tire. The odometer’s algorithm relies on a factory preset tire diameter. Therefore, if your tires are old and worn while you drive on Monday but on Tuesday you are driving the same route with brand new tires, the odometer reading & mileage calculation will be different on each day even if you went the same distance and the same route. When it comes to GPS and mileage tracking, GPS satellites do not depend on the vehicle design, tire size, or technical conditions.  Learn more here: GPS vs Odometer


How accurate are GPS points?

GPS point accuracy is dependent on a number of factors such as the quality of the GPS chip in your phone, GPS satellite signal strength in an area (for example, traveling under a bridge or in a parking garage) weather conditions, and phone settings (for example, turning on battery saver will disrupt GPS). The accuracy of a GPS signal can be compared to the quality of a phone call; there are many factors at play. A factor that may influence GPS data accuracy is the frequency of data retrieval. The more often the device sends data, the more accurate the location & mileage will be. That is why setting your location access to Always and Allow all the time is a must for mileage tracking. If the retrieval data is not frequent enough, for example, if you set your location access to only while using the app, you may experience inaccuracies. In the Timeero app, we record the accuracy of each GPS point (breadcrumbs) to give you an idea of how accurate the point is. Timeero receives the information from the GPS satellites and reports it to you.


Can Timeero mobile apps be used for mileage tracking without location tracking?

No. GPS must be turned on for the Timeero mobile app to be able to track mileage. We do offer a company-wide setting that would allow users to type in their own mileage. In this case, location tracking (GPS) can be turned off and when a user clocks out, they will be prompted to enter his or her miles manually. For this use case, click HERE.


What languages do you support?

English, Spanish, and French.  


Can I track without an internet connection?

Yes you sure can! Our software is built to work offline. This means that without an internet connection, you can still track time, mileage & more. Learn more HERE.


How much battery life does Timeero use?

Since battery life depends on lots of factors, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact figure. Battery life factors include the use case (time tracking only vs GPS tracking for example), how long a user is on the clock, device model and age & the availability of a stable WiFi connection. Users can easily view this information right on their own devices.

To View on iOS:  Settings > Battery > Timeero
To View on Android:  Settings > Battery > Usage Details > Timeero