Why isn't the who's working page updating?

What is the reason some users' locations are staying the same?  It looks like they are in the same spot hours after clocking in 🤔.

1.  Unstable internet connection. 
2.  Incorrect phone settings.
3.  The user clocked in from the web portal instead of their mobile app.
The Who's Working page should update about every 5-10 minutes with a stable internet connection and proper phone settings. 
While on the clock & with location tracking turned on, Timeero will capture a user's location every 150 feet. 

Locations are only captured while a user is clocked in.  Once a user clocks out, their location is not sent to our server, so you won't see them on the Who's Working page.

If a user swipes the app up and out, the Who's Working page will not update.  The app must run in the background for GPS to work.  When the app is force closed, GPS stops.
Make sure cellular data is turned on for Timeero.
Have your team access and use this Checklist each day before clocking in.  If this list is set to 100% while on the clock, and the app is running in the background, with a good internet connection, the who's working page should update to show the user's current (within 5-10 minutes) location.
Also note that if a user clocks in from the website instead of their mobile app, the user will always be in the same location on the Who's Working page.   Users should clock in via mobile app for location tracking.
Clocking in from the mobile app is required to see movement. 
You can view the clock-in source by clicking the eyeball icon on the timesheet.