What are tasks and how do I add them?

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What Are Tasks?

Tasks can be assigned to jobs, and they are a great way to track specific duties being worked on at each job site.

Our customers use tasks for:

  • Equipment tracking ( Job: Smiths's Place / Task: Trailer A )
  • Ticket tracking ( Job: Smith's Inspection / Task: Ticket # 1234 )
  • Patient tasks ( Job: Helping Hands Facility / Task: Dinner Prep )
  • Construction ( Job: Smith's Place / Task: Tile Install )
  • Work order tracking, claims tracking, and so much more

How do employees clock into them?

When a user clocks in, they will be presented with a list of jobs to choose from. 

After choosing a job, a task list will appear for the user to choose.


Only users with the Admin or Manager role can add tasks.


To turn on Tasks go to Company Settings > General and turn on Allow users to choose a task when clocking in.

Once Tasks is turned on, you can start adding them so your team will have the option to pick a task when clocking into a job.

Adding Tasks


To import many tasks at once using a CSV, click here


How to add a task:

  1. Go to the Jobs & Tasks page and use the toggle at the top of the screen to go to the Tasks page.
  2. Click the Add Task button (top right) to create a new task and assign it to a Job or multiple jobs.

  3. Click the Add Task button
  4. To edit or deactivate tasks, please use the pencil and circle icons (far right of your screen)
  5. It's best not to delete tasks. You may need to see the time spent on it, and if the task is deleted, it's gone for good.