Timesheet activity log

If there are changes to a timesheet, you can easily view what was edited, when it was changed, and by whom.

What happens when a timesheet is edited?

1.  When a timesheet is edited by an admin or manager, employees will receive a push notification.  

2.  Screenshot_2-1 If the clock in or out time is edited, this icon will appear on the timesheet.  The edit icon only appears for changes to clock in/out times.

3.  GPS points on all maps remain intact.

Where can I see the timesheet activity log?

1.  Log into the web portal

2.  Click on Time & Mileage

3. Click on the eyeball icon to view the timesheet

4.  Scroll down to see Activity History


What edits are shown in the timesheet activity log?

  • Clock in/out times
  • Miles/Kilometers
  • Clock in/out dates
  • Breaks
  • Notes

What edits are NOT shown in the timesheet activity log?

  • Job
  • Task
  • User
  • Photos