Timeero Terminal kiosk app for iPad

Our kiosk app works on iOS only and is used for time tracking. It's best for an office or job site environment.

Before using the kiosk app, the Admin must assign a User Code to each user. The code is assigned in the user profile by logging into the web portal and opening the Users menu.


If you want to use the facial recognition feature, you will want to upload the user's photo on his/her profile page and turn on Require face recognition for users to clock in under Company Settings > General.


To download the kiosk app to your iPad, head to the app store and search for Timeero Terminal.



Once the app is installed, only Admins and Managers have access to log into the app to get things going for the day.


Users with an Employee role designation will not be allowed to log into the app.


After logging in, you will be taken to the home page.



From here, tap on Proceed. Next, you will see the list of all users. To clock in, simply find & select your name from the list.


Once a user is selected, he/she will be prompted to enter his/her unique User Code.



After entering your code, you will be able to clock in. Depending on your company's settings, you may be required to select a job to clock into. Once a user clocks in, the home page will re-appear, and the next user will need to tap Proceed to continue.

Using facial recognition

Turn on this feature by logging into the web portal and accessing Company Settings > General > Require face recognition for users to clock in.

We recommend uploading employee photos to their profile before you start using the kiosk app.

Photos can be uploaded to the user profile by opening the Users page & then clicking the pencil icon to edit the profile.

If a photo is not uploaded before clocking into the kiosk app, the first time the user does clock into the kiosk app, he/she will be prompted to take a photo, and moving forward, that photo will be used for clocking in with facial recognition.

If there is a face/photo mismatch, the user will not be blocked from clocking in. Instead, an email will be sent to the Admin with the subject line Face Mismatch Detected.

Go to Company Settings > Timeero Terminal (kiosk app) and turn on Flag potential buddy punchers and get notified of faces that don’t match.



Can users start and end breaks?

 - Manual breaks are not supported in our kiosk app. However, a great way to track paid breaks would be to create a job "Rest Break" or "Lunch Break" and have users clock in and out of that job.  Automatic breaks are supported.  

Can users add notes?
 - No
What happens if someone tries to clock out someone else? Does facial recognition work on clock out as well as clock in?
 -  You can still clock out someone, but the facial recognition will send you an email that it detected a mismatch. 
What happens if a user clocks in from the kiosk without an internet connection? Will it still work?
 - If a user clocks in offline, it will still work.


For more information about Timeero Terminal and facial recognition, please visit our FAQ page or call us at 1-888-998-0852.