Scheduling Employees & Managers

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The Scheduling tab in your Timeero account will allow you to create shifts for your team. You can create shifts for all Timeero roles: Employee, Manager, and Admin. A single shift can be added for one user, multiple users, or by a group. You may also choose to repeat shifts (weekly, biweekly, etc.) for a specific amount of time. Once you create the shift, you will have the option to publish or save it as a draft. Once you publish, users will be able to view their shifts from their mobile app and from the desktop. When you publish, users will be notified - by email and push notification - that a shift has been created. You may also allow your team to Accept or Decline shifts.


All of this can be done from your desktop dashboard or your mobile app. For the best experience, we recommend using your desktop to create schedules.

Scheduling Users from your desktop

  1. To create a shift, click on Scheduling. This will take you to a calendar.
  2. To create a shift, click on the day you wish to schedule OR click on the Add Schedule button located at the top, right hand side.
  3. Now you can enter a Title, select your users, and dates & times.


For a complete walkthrough, please check out our VIDEO.


If you will be creating Repeated Shifts (daily, weekly, biweekly), please click here.