Recalculate mileage for edited time

When employees forget to clock out, miles will continue to calculate.  Here's how to recalculate miles to the correct clock-out time.

  1. Log into the Web Portal.
  2. Click on Time & Mileage.
  3. Click on the Pencil Icon.
  4. Change the clock-out time.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Open the timesheet again by clicking on the Pencil Icon.
  7. Click the Recalculate button to recalculate the miles to the new clock-out time.
  8. Click Save.

This only works when the clock-out time is edited to an earlier time.  For example, clock out time was 8 pm and edited to 5 pm. 

Miles won't be added if the clock-out time is changed to a later time.  For example, the original clock-out time was 5 pm and was edited to 8 pm.