Timesheet route map troubleshooting


Timeero uses GPS to track location and mileage.  To learn more about how GPS works, please click here.


When viewing a timesheet map, if you see frequent GPS pings and then nothing:

  1. Battery saver mode kicked on.  This is the most frequent culprit.  When battery saver mode turns on it blocks GPS satellites from reaching the user's device.  Hence, no GPS pings on the timesheet route map, and mileage tracking stopped.  Please be sure to advise your users to turn off Battery Saver mode.  This will ensure proper mileage tracking.
  2. The app was forced closed by the user.  In order for GPS to work, the app must remain open in the background.  If the location access for Timeero is set to Always, the app can run in the background and mileage tracking can take place.  But if the app is force closed (swiped up and out), GPS and mileage tracking will stop.  
  3. The user may have changed the location from Always to Only While Using the App.  If the location is set to Only While Using the App, it means the app must remain open on the phone the entire time the user is on the clock.  So if this is the setting and the app is running in the background, mileage will be shorted due to GPS not being able to ping the phone while the app is not being used.
  4. The user clocked into a Break.  If you have manual breaks set up in your Timeero account, when a user starts a break, GPS and mileage tracking will stop.  Once the user ends the break, GPS and mileage tracking will begin again.
  5. The user turned off GPS on the device.  We have no way of preventing users from turning off their GPS.  However, we do have a way of knowing when it happens :).  Our Premium Plan offers an auto clock out if the user turns off their GPS.  With this feature, if a user turns off GPS the timesheet will have a flag on it and a note that reads "Automatically clocked out for turning off GPS".