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Adding and managing jobs

Jobs in Timeero can represent anything, depending on your use case. A job can be a customer, vehicle, location, patient, and so on.

Pro Plan - Blue Label Premium Plan

Adding jobs to your account is not required in order to track time, GPS, and mileage.

However, if you want to know how long your team spends at certain locations while in the field - jobs are required. When you create jobs, it allows your team to clock in and out of them so that you can track how many hours were spent at each job.

If you do not require users to clock into/out of jobs, simply go to Company Settings General and then turn off  Require all users to select a job to clock in.

Watch the video below for Web Portal instructions.

Click here for mobile app instructions.

Click here for instructions on importing jobs.

When a new user is added & and assigned to a group, if that group is already assigned to a job or multiple jobs, then that person who was just assigned to the group will automatically be assigned to that job.