How to set mileage reimbursement rates

If you're reimbursing your employees for mileage, you can set the rate company-wide for all users. If some users are being paid a different amount, you can set a rate for each user.

To set the mileage cost per user:

  1. Click on Users 
  2. Locate the user and click on the pencil icon located to the far right of the user's name
  3. Find the field that says Mileage Cost - Per Mile (overrides company mileage rate)
  4. Enter the rate you are using for mileage reimbursement for this user only

If this field is left blank, the user will receive the rate entered in the company settings

  5.  Click on Update User to save your changes

To set the mileage cost for all users:

  1. Open Company Settings by clicking on your profile photo or initials located at the top, right-hand side of your screen
  2. This will take you to the General Settings page
  3. Locate the Mileage Cost (per mile) field
  4. Enter the rate, in decimal format, you are using for mileage reimbursement for all users
  5. Click on Save to save your changes