How to import schedules

You can import employee schedules into Timeero using our CSV template.

Pro Plan - Blue Label Premium Plan - Orange Label

1. Log in to the web portal.

2. Click on Scheduling.

3. Click on Import Schedule.

4. Click on Download Template.

5. Open the downloaded file and enter your shift information.

6. Save your file.  It must be saved as a CSV file.

7. Click the Import Schedule button again and choose Upload CSV.


  • For a single shift (not repeating) leave columns F, G, and H blank.
  • For an All Day shift (12 am - 11:59 pm), enter a 1 in column J and do not enter start/end times in columns D & E.  Set those times to 0:00.  Only enter start and end dates.  Enter a 0 in column J for shifts with specific start/end times.
  • For repeating shifts, columns D and E must have the same date entered.
  • For weekly repeating shifts, and if the shift repeats on multiple days each week, the input for column G (repeat_day) will need to be formatted with commas but no spaces. For example: "Monday,Thursday,Friday"