How to export time to QuickBooks Online


Once you have your QuickBooks integration set up, uploading time to QuickBooks is simple.


  1. Simply run a report by going to Reports > By Employee. You can select specific employees or leave them blank for all employees.
  2. Do not select a group.
  3. Choose the correct pay period.
  4. Click on the Export to QuickBooks button.
  5. You will be asked if you want to include mileage in your report. Choose Yes or No.
  6. When the export is complete, a message will appear saying the transfer was successful.
  7. Total hours worked will be shown on the QB weekly timesheet for each employee. In QBs, click the + New button. Under the employee's column, you will see the weekly timesheet.
  8. The milage cost will be shown under expenses in QBs. How do I view Mileage in QuickBooks Online


All hours are sent to Regular Hours. There is no separation of Reg Hours vs OT Hours.