How does Timeero calculate time?


Timeero calculates hours, minutes, and seconds. Seconds are not shown on our Timesheets page in the web portal and they are also not shown on the Time Entries page in our mobile app.

When reports are generated in Timeero, the seconds are calculated and shown in the Total Hours section for each user.

For example, when you run an Employee report, you will see the duration for each clock in/out showing only the hours & minutes. But, when you go to the bottom of the report for the user, you will see Total Hours Billed and it includes the seconds.

Additionally, our reports show time worked as 3:01 (3 hours and 1 minute) but when viewing time worked in the mobile app, it would be shown as 3 hr 1 min.

If you prefer to view hours in decimal format in your Timeero reports:

1.  Log into the web portal

2.  Go to Company Settings > Reports and turn on Show Time in decimal format