How do I block users from clocking in from the web?

GPS may not track if your employee clocks in from the web. This is because most users block location access to websites. Miles will not track if a user clocks in from the web.

To block users from being able to clock in from the web portal:

  1. Log into the web portal.
  2. Go to Company Settings > General.
  3. Turn on Block users from clocking in through website.
Click Save.

With this feature turned on, if an employee clocks in via web, they will see the following message:

Clocking in/out on the web application has been disabled by your administrator.
Please use the mobile app for clocking in/out. If you'd like to clock in/out on the web app, please contact your administrator to enable this feature.

How do I know if users are clocking in from the web?