Connect Your Calendar to Your Timeero Schedule

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There are many times when you may want to share your Timeero calendar schedule with external parties outside of Timeero.

Here, you will learn how to connect your Timeero schedule calendar to an external calendar such as Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

How to connect your calendar:

  1. Generate a calendar URL link by going to Scheduling and on the far right choose Subscribe.
  2. You can choose to subscribe to schedules for all users, your schedule, or for specific users. If you want to capture the calendar URL for all users or just your schedule, you can simply click the appropriate option and choose the Copy URL.
    If you want to view specific users, you can choose the Specific Users option and click on   
  3. Select Users to pick users to view on the calendar. (3)
  4. Once you've copied a URL you can go ahead and paste the URL into your calendar of choice.
  5. Once you subscribe to a calendar, it will automatically be updated whenever changes are made to your schedule in Timeero.

Items added to your external calendar will not be added to the schedule in Timeero

Sometimes it may take several or more than 24 hours for the changes to reflect on the external calendar. Timeero does not have any control over how often the calendar updates.

The only information that is shared to your external calendar is the Title and the time period. Timeero does not share the description and location of your schedule.

Here are some instructions on how to subscribe from some of the popular calendars:

Google Calendar

  1. Copy the URL subscribe link as described above.
  2. Click on the + button to add a new calendar from a URL.

  3. Paste the generated URL and click on Add Calendar to save your changes. Your Timeero calendar should now show up on your Google Calendar.

Yahoo Calendar

  1. Copy the URL subscribe link as described above in How to connect your calendar.
  2. In Yahoo calendar click on Follow Other Calendars.
  3. Give your calendar a name and then paste the URL you copied from Timeero into the iCal Address box.
  4. Click Continue and your calendar should now show the Timeero schedules.

Outlook Calendar (Older Version)

  1. Choose Discover Calendars from your Outlook calendar.
  2. Go to Import Calendar and then choose From Web.
  3. Paste your URL into the Link to the Calendar field. Give your calendar a name and select Import.

Outlook Calendar (Newer Version/365 Calendar)

  1. Go to your calendar on Outlook and select Add Calendar/Open Calendar and choose From Internet.
  2. Paste in the URL you generated from How to connect your calendar.