Edit timesheets in the web portal

By default, Admins are the only users with permission to edit timesheets. With the correct supervisor permission turned on, Managers and Employees can also edit timesheets.

  1. Log into the web portal.
  2. Select Time & Mileage from the menu.
  3. Find the timesheet that needs editing and click on the pencil icon.
  4. Here you can edit clock in/out times, add/edit/delete miles, add breaks, and more.
  5. Click on each field you wish to edit and make your changes.
  6. Don't forget to click on the Save button when you're finished.

    Admins and Managers:




If a user is still on the clock, the timesheet can only be edited while logged into the web portal.

To edit a timesheet while logged into the mobile app, the user must be clocked out. You cannot edit a timesheet for a user who is still clocked in from the mobile app.


GPS points will not change on the timesheet map when time is edited.

However, when the time is edited, the clock in/out pins will show the new time when you hover over them with your mouse.