Zapier - How to Import Jobs from Google Spreadsheets into Timeero


It's now easier than ever to import jobs directly from a Google Spreadsheet into Timeero. These steps below will guide you so that each time a new column is added to your spreadsheet, a job will automatically be created in Timeero.


  1. Make sure you have an account with Zapier. You can create an account on the Free Plan which includes 5 zaps.
  2. Create your Zap.

    3.  Log in to your Google Sheets and create a new spreadsheet or use an existing one with job names, addresses, etc.

    4.  Create your trigger by selecting the name of the spreadsheet and the worksheet, and then select Continue.

    5.  Now that we have the trigger set up, we can create the action in Timeero. You'll need to select Sign into Timeero.

    6.  Open your Timeero web application and go to the Integrations page to find the Zapier Key.
    7.  Paste the API Key in Zapier to link the accounts.

    You'll need to set up the actions with the information you want linked from the Google Spreadsheet into Jobs in Timeero. Click on Show All to see all the options such as job name, address, city, zip code, etc.

    Test your zap. Make sure to add a row on your spreadsheet such as Mel's House, etc to make sure the job is imported into Timeero.

    Once you have tested the zap and you see the job in Timeero, turn on your zap as shown below:

    If you need any help, please contact us via Chat or phone at 888-998-0852.