RUN Powered by ADP® Integration

Set up your RUN Powered by ADP with Timeero and start exporting time and mileage reimbursements over to RUN Powered by ADP

Getting Started - Mapping Employees, Earning Codes, Departments
Mapping Tasks & Cost Codes - Exporting Time & Mileage

Key Requirements for Integration:

  • ADP Time & Attendance needs to be canceled and disconnected before starting this integration. Timeero and ADP Time & Attendance cannot be connected to RUN Powered by ADP simultaneously.
  • Ensure the ADP Timesheet Import feature is turned on for your RUN Powered by ADP account.
  • It is important for the same user to initiate and grant consent for the ADP integration process. Using different users to purchase, consent, and complete the integration may lead to complications.
  • The $5/month connector fee must be purchased through ADP Marketplace to use this integration.

Getting Started

New users who do not have an existing Timeero account should begin at this point; otherwise, proceed to step 2:

1. To start, log in to the ADP Marketplace using your ADP Admin credentials. Navigate to Apps Home and search for "Timeero" in the search bar. Make sure to choose the "Timeero for RUN Powered by ADP®" option from the two listed. Select the pricing for Timeero Pro or Premium (you can compare features and pricing here). Click "Continue", choose your payment method, and proceed with the order by clicking "Continue". Review the order details, agree to the Terms of Service by checking the box, and then place your order. Once completed, you can skip steps 2 & 3 and move on to step 4.


Those with an existing Timeero account

2. If you have an existing account in Timeero, navigate to Integrations > RUN powered by ADP. Copy the Company Code or write it down. You will need this company code to activate your ADP connector app with Timeero.

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 5.02.17 PM

3. Click on the Get the Timeero Data Connector for ADP or go to the ADP Marketplace and search for the "Timeero Connector for RUN Powered by ADP®". Click on "Buy Now". Click on the "Edit" on the section that shows "Timeero requires additional information."

4. Enter the Company Code that you copied or wrote down and save the changes.

5. Proceed with the steps to purchase the connector.

6. If you have not given the Timeero app consent, you will be presented with an option to do that. Click on Manage Consent if you haven't granted consent.

7. Go back in the Timeero app and click "Enable" under the Configuration page.


Mapping Employees

You can map Timeero employees to ADP employees from the Workers section. Scroll to the employee you want to map and choose the correct employee from the Timeero Employees dropdown. Click "Map Employee" to save the mapping. If you don't see an employee in the list of ADP workers, tap on the Sync with ADP to update your list.

Mapping Earnings Codes

You will need to map the appropriate Earnings Code. Be sure to map Regular, Overtime and Double Overtime if needed. If you are reimbursing employees through RUN powered by ADP, be sure to set the appropriate earning or deduction code for mileage reimbursement.


Mapping Departments

If you need better job and cost allocation in RUN Powered by ADP, you can setup your department codes. Learn more here.

Exporting Time and Mileage to RUN Powered by ADP

Once you've set up your earnings codes, and mapped employees, you are ready to export entries to ADP. To do so:

1. Click on Reports and choose the Report By Date Range, or Report By User or Group or Report By Job or Report By Task or Report By Totals Only.

2.  Make all necessary selections in your chosen report type, then click on Generate Report.

3. Click Export and then Export to RUN Powered by ADP.

4. To confirm if the export was successful or failed click on the bell icon on the top right corner.

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 9-04-40 PM-png

If you get the following error message:

An Open Timesheet already exists for this Source with the same ….
RUN Powered by ADP does not allow for more than one batch in the imported time queue. The queue needs to be cleared before attempting another export. Log in to your ADP account and go to the Timesheet Import section. Select the appropriate payroll frequency and choose the discard option to discard the already imported data.