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Restrict Clock In by Location

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With geofence clock-in restriction, you can block employees from clocking in if they are outside of the job site. This is a great way to prevent employees from clocking in while driving on their way to work. This also enforces greater accountability to make sure employees are clocking in from the areas they are scheduled to work.


We highly encourage you to consider your state and local laws before using this setting.


How to enable location restrictions


To turn on this setting:

  1. Go to Company Settings > General.
  2. Then turn on Require users to be within geofence to clock in.


Mobile App

When clocking in outside of the geofence, you will receive a message that you cannot clock in unless you are within the geofence.



Note: This only affects jobs with a geofence and only also happens when the user is attempting to clock in. This does not affect clocking out.


Recommendation: If you enable geofence restrictions, we recommend you disable an employee’s ability to edit their timesheet. If you allow employees to edit their timesheets, they can always edit their clock in time regardless of location.