Paychex Integration (API integration)

Learn how to connect your Timeero account to Paychex Flex

Please contact our support team with your Paychex Company ID so we can submit a request to Paychex for your integration. This can take some time for Paychex to respond back to us at Timeero.

There's a fee, required by Paychex, to use their integration. This fee is billed to Timeero and is in turn paid to Paychex. If you are unsure please talk to your Paychex representative.


Once your company is approved by Paychex for an integration, log into Paychex and do the following:

1. Enable Access Inflex under Company Settings > Access > Integrated Apps


Log in to Timeero and do the following:

1. Head to Integrations > Paychex API.

2. Choose Configurations and then click Connect.

3. You will be presented with a window to enter your Paychex Company ID.

Paychex Company ID

4. Click on Connect to initiate the connection process. An error message will be shown if the company ID you are using is incorrect.

5. Once it's successfully connected click on Configuration tab and click Configure Mappings. Choose Sync changes from Paychex. This should sync all changes from Paychex.

Mapping Paychex Employees to Users in Timeero

1. To map Paychex workers to users in Timeero, choose Configuration > Configuration Mappings. It should take you to the page below.

Paychex user mappings

2. You can click on the dropdown list to match the worker in Timeero to a worker in Paychex. If the worker in Paychex is not available in Timeero, you can simply add a new user in Timeero and then come back to the mapping page to map them.

Mapping Paychex Earning Items

The hourly and mileage codes need to be mapped correctly in Timeero to Paychex pay items. If you are using overtime settings in Timeero, you will need to correctly map the Overtime and Double Overtime settings in Timeero to the appropriate Paychex Pay Items.

To do so go to the Configurations page on your Paychex API settings which should look like the page below:

Paychex config pages

Go ahead and select the appropriate Paychex Payroll Items for the hourly and mileage pay items.


And that's it 🏁 . Let us know if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to help you.