How to track and manage time off

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To turn on time-off tracking, go to Company Settings > General and turn on Show time off in menu.

Every time off tracked belongs to a category, so let's first create a time off category.

A time off category could be 'vacation', 'sick day off', 'jury duty', 'holiday' etc.

Go to the left menu and select Time Off > Categories. Then click on the Add Category button and enter a category name and description.

Once you've entered and saved a time off category, it will be available to all users within your organization. (2)


Admins can set up time off categories AND add time off requests for all users. 

Managers can approve time off requests for employees within their group; however, they cannot add time off requests for any users.

Approving/Rejecting Time Off Requests

Once a user requests time off, the administrator(s) and manager(s) will get an email notification that a request has been made.

You can approve or reject the request via email; however, approving time off requests is best done via the web portal since you have more options there.

Log into the web portal and select Time Off > Pending Requests.

Paid vs. Unpaid Time Off

During the approval process, you have the option to create a timesheet. 

If a timesheet is created during the approval process, it will be paid time off. 

If you do not create a timesheet, it will be unpaid time off.

Paid time off is not counted toward overtime hours.

If the time off request has been approved, the Admin or Manager will need to remove the shift from the schedule manually.


How to track and manage time off


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