How to Import Jobs

You can import Jobs into Timeero using our CSV template.

Pro Plan - Blue Label  Premium Plan - Orange Label

1. Log in to the web portal

2. Click on Jobs & Tasks 

3. Click on Import Jobs 

4. Click on Download Template 

5. Do not change or add columns.  Do not reformat the CSV.

6. Enter the job name in column A

7. If you require a geofence, enter the radius ( meters ) in column B.  The radius cannot be less than 100 meters OR more than 1000 meters.  If no geofence is required, leave this column empty.

8. Enter a 1 in column C to add a geofence to the job.  Enter a 0 in column C if a geofence is not required.

9. Enter the job address in columns D, E, F, G, and J.  Leave those columns empty if you don't require an address.  Delete the word null from the CSV.  If you require a geofence, an address is required.

10. Enter a description in column H if you want users to see it.  Otherwise, leave it empty.

11. If you want users to be paid a special rate when clocked into this job, enter that rate in column I.  This is an hourly rate, and when you run the Jobs Report, the rate will populate instead of the user's hourly wage entered in the user's profile.  The rate entered in this column will only appear in our Jobs Report.

12.  Save your file.  It must be saved as a CSV file.

13. Click the Import Jobs button again and choose Upload CSV


Please note:
Your column names must match template column names. The job name is a mandatory field. By default, track mileage will be turned on. Turn off after import if not required. Require geofence column: 1 = yes 0 = no. Radius column: enter the distance, in meters, if the geofence is required. The minimum is 100 meters with a maximum of 2500 meters.