How to activate or deactivate a job


You may have way too many jobs you may want to keep for historic purposes but the rest of your team may not need to see.
The last thing you do is to prolong the time it takes to have your team search for a job to clock in to. This is why we introduced the ability to activate or deactivate a job.

So what does deactivating a job do?

Deactivated jobs will not be available to your team unless the user is an admin. 

To Activate or Deactivate a job:

  1. Go to Jobs & Tasks.
  2. On the far right next to the job you want to deactivate, click the prohibiting icon. You will be prompted if you want to deactivate the job, and just click Deactivate.
  3. To activate a job, click on the checkmark and click the lightning icon when asked if you want to activate a job, click Activate.


How to Deactivate the Job

How to Activate the Job