Gusto Integration

Everything you need to know about integrating Timeero with Gusto!

Getting Started - Mapping Users - Exporting Time & Mileage - Troubleshooting


Let's Get Started!

  1.  Go to Integrations > Gusto within your Timeero Account.

  2.  Select Configuration.

  3.  Click Enable and enter your Gusto login information.

  4.  Click the Authorize button.

Next, Map Your Users

If you have already added all users to your Timeero account, select the correct Gusto Role/Job Title and the correct employee from the Timeero Users column and then click Map Employee on the right side of each user you wish to map.

gusto mapping

If you have not added any users to your Timeero account
, select which employees you want to add to Timeero by checking the box to the left of the Gusto Users. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Import Users. You may have multiple pages depending on how many users are in your Gusto account. You will need to repeat this process on each page if you have more than one. Next, click Sync Changes from Gusto in the upper right corner and proceed with mapping by choosing the correct Gusto Role/Job Title for each employee and then click Map Employee on the right side of each user to save the mapping selections.

Employee names and email addresses must be identical in Gusto and Timeero for the automatic mapping to work. If they are not the same, users will need to be mapped manually.

The Gusto Role/Job Title is a required field on Timeero’s mapping page. Be sure this field is not left blank and that it matches what is in your Gusto account!

Here's How You Can Export Time & Mileage

Before exporting time and mileage you will need to make sure a mileage rate has been set in your Timeero account. Go to Company Settings > General and enter your mileage rate in decimal format in Mileage Cost (per mile).

Time/mileage costs can only be sent for hourly employees. Contractors and salary workers are not supported. If you have employees and contractors in your Timeero account you will need to create a group and assign it to your hourly workers. Use the Report by User or Group and select that hourly worker group before running the report.

  1. Go to Reports and choose either Report by Date Range or Report by User or Group
  2. Select the correct date range for your payroll then click Generate Report.
  3. Confirm the date is correct and then click Export in the upper right corner and choose Export Mileage to Gusto or Export Time & Mileage to Gusto.
  4. A dialog box will appear for you to select your payroll period.
  5. You should now be able to find the exported time & mileage under the Run Payroll tab in your Gusto account. Select the date you would like to view and your employees updated hours will show. Mileage cost will appear under Reimbursements.

gusto export 2

gusto export
If the correct pay period does not populate, please head over to Integrations > Gusto > Configuration > View Mapping, and once there click on the Sync Changes from Gusto button.


Quick Troubleshooting Guide

You can view some error messages by clicking on the bell icon in the upper right corner of the web portal. Other error messages will be displayed in red at the top of your screen during the export.


Error: The code field is required.

Screenshot_6-3Fix 1 of 2: During the initial integration connection, after clicking on Enable in Timeero, you will be asked to click on “Authorize”. If you have MetaMask enabled, disable it and then make the connection. Once connected you can turn MetaMask back on.

Fix 2 of 2: During the initial integration connection, after clicking on Enable in Timeero, you will be asked to sign into Gusto.  After you sign into Gusto, depending on your Gusto account settings, a security code may be required to continue.  Gusto will send the code via text or email to the Gusto admin.  This code is required to continue connecting Timeero to your Gusto account.  If you receive an error, it's likely the code was not entered correctly or the step was skipped.


Error: The incorrect pay period is being displayed when generating a report in Timeero.

Fix: Go to Integrations > Gusto > Configuration > View Mapping. Click the Sync Changes from Gusto button, then go back to reports and try to generate again. 

Screenshot 2023-02-07 132749

If you are still not getting the correct pay period, keep in mind:

Gusto will only send scheduled pay periods to Timeero.

  • Off-cycle and Transition payrolls are not scheduled and cannot be sent from Gusto.
  • Dismissed employees or a change in the pay period can cause a transition payroll to occur in Gusto. Once the transition period ends, the correct pay schedule will be sent to Timeero to allow for the export of time & mileage from Timeero to Gusto.

Error: No Gusto payroll periods are shown, or “The requested resource was not found”, when selecting a Gusto payroll period for export.

Fix: The payroll periods from your Gusto account are not set up properly to be sent to Timeero. You will need to work with Gusto support to ensure your payroll periods are set up correctly. 


Error: I see the next pay period, but not last week’s.

Fix: In Gusto, when the processed payroll is done, you cannot export time & mileage from Timeero to Gusto unless you cancel the payroll.


Error: User with ID 1234xxxxx94 can not run payroll OR Employee with ID 7757xxxxxx045 is ineligible for this payroll.

Fix: This user has not yet finished onboarding in Gusto, such as tax information.