We will cover how to integrate Timeero with Xero. Integrating Timeero with Xero allows you to sync time entries and mileage to Xero.

The Xero integration currently only works for Xero Australia

Now let's get started:

Set up your Xero account for integration with Timeero
In Xero go to Payroll Settings (found under Settings > Payroll Settings).
Under Calendars create a pay calendar e.g.

Connecting Timeero to Xero:
In Timeero go to Integrations > Add Integration and under Xero click Connect.
Click Connect under the Xero option.
When prompted Confirm Xero integration? choose Yes.
You will be asked to allow Timeero to access Xero and choose Allow access*.

Do not map Xero Employees or Pay Items yet until you set up your Xero.

Setting Up Xero for Timeero
Start off by creating a Pay Calendar in Xero. On Xero go to Payroll Settings > Calendars.
Assign a pay calendar to an employee in Xero by going to Payroll > Employees. Then choose Employment.

Next go ahead and add an earning line for Regular Time, Overtime and Double Overtime (if you need that).

Assign the ordinary earning line to all users by going back to the Employees page and picking an option from the Ordinary Earning Rate dropdown.

The Double Overtime earning code is not created by default. If your company pays double overtime, then you will need to create one by going to Settings in Xero. Choose Payroll Settings > Pay Items and add a Double Overtime earning.

To reimburse employees for mileage, the super annuation needs to be set. Skip this step if you do not need mileage. You can access the Superannuation under Payroll Settings.

Under Organisation in Payroll Settings, set the time tracking category under Timesheet Categories.

A bank account needs to be connected to Xero to get the Payroll tracking working. To set up your bank account, go to Accounting > Bank accounts.

Mapping Xero Employees in Timeero
To send hours and mileage reimbursement to Timeero, your employees in Xero need to be mapped to employees in Timeero. To map your employees go to Integrations > Xero Mapping
Pick a user or employee from the dropdown and click Map Employee to complete the mapping.

Map Xero Pay Item

It is required to properly map your regular hours, and overtime hours to the equivalent payroll items in Xero. You will also need to map the mileage payroll item correctly, if you need to reimburse mileage.
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