There are several ways to clock in/out of Timeero. SMS is one of the many ways to log your hours.

Getting Started
Setting up SMS is very simple. To use the SMS clock in/out be sure to set an Employee’s Code, on the employee. The employee code is a 4 digit number that is needed for the user to clock in.

How Do I Clock In/Out With SMS?
To start your shift simply open your SMS text application and type in (385) 236-0599 for the United States and Canada only.

To clock in type:
IN 1123 JOB [JOB_NAME]. Where 1123 is your assigned employee code.

If you are unsure of which jobs you have listed, just type IN 1123 where 1123 is your employee code.

To clock in type:

To clock out type:
OUT 1123

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