How does billing work?
Payments will auto-renew each month or year, depending on your plan. The credit card you entered when you subscribed will be charged.

Where can I find my invoice?
An invoice will be sent to your email on the day your card is charged. If you cannot locate your invoice, please check your spam folder or let us know and we will be happy to re-send it to you.

How do I change or add a new credit card?
Please reach out to us so we can update your payment information.

How & when am I charged for adding new users?
If you are a monthly subscriber, when a new user is added that charge is included on your next invoice. $5 per user on Standard, $10 per user on Premium. If you are an annual subscriber, when a new user is added your card is charged immediately. $55 per user on Standard, $110 per user on Premium.

How do prorations work?
Changes to your subscription, such as adding or deactivating users and upgrading or downgrading your plan, may result in prorated charges. For example, if you are currently paying $60 a month for 10 active users on the standard plan and decide to upgrade to the premium plan at $130 per month, you are charged prorated amounts for the time spent on each option. Assuming the change occurred halfway through the billing period, you would be billed an additional $35 ($65 for the remaining time on the premium plan minus $30 for the unused time on the standard plan). The same proration math, with unused time & remaining time, also applies to activating & deactivating users.

How does billing work for active vs. deactivated users?
You are charged for active users. We do not charge you for deactivated users. Active users are prorated. When you deactivate a user, that credit will be applied to the next invoice and shown as unused time. If you add a user (active user), instead of being charged, that user will take the credit/unused time from the deactived user. We do not refund your credit card for deactived users.

How do I cancel?
You may cancel at any time by logging into the web portal & opening the account & billing menu. Once there, simply click on cancel subscription.
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