Tracking mileage inside of TImeero is very simple. To accurately track mileage you need to use the Timeero iOS or Android apps.

Tracking starts when you clock in and completely stops when you clock out.

How to configure an account for mileage tracking:
Go to Employees and click the pencil icon next to the user you want to enable mileage tracking.
On the user details page, be sure to check the Track Mileage checkbox and save your changes.
If you are using jobs, be sure to turn on Track Mileage on each job you want to allow mileage tracking. In some situations it may be appropriate to track mileage than not to. For example, you may have a job named Travel which your employees can clock in to account for travel time and distance.
Once you have mileage tracking set on your user accounts and jobs, be sure to sync your settings on your mobile app. To do that, go into your mobile app and choose Settings (on Android) or the gear icon (on iOS) and then choose Tap to manually sync to quickly apply the changes you made to your smartphone app.

In order to track mileage accurately on iOS and Android, it's important to set location access to Always. To make sure it's properly set open Settings app on iOS then go to Timeero > Location > Always.

How to Set Up Mileage Tracking on iOS

How to Set Up Mileage Tracking on Android
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