To set up PTO Requests, you'll need to follow these steps in your Admin dashboard.

Under Company Settings, make sure you have Show Time Off in Menu enabled.

Create New Time Off Categories. Your employees will be able to see these categories and request the day(s) off.

Once you have the categories added such as PTO, Vacation, Jury Duty, etc... you will see them listed in the Time Off Categories tab. Your employees will be able to request one of those categories from their Mobile App.

When an employee requests time off from their Mobile app, the admin(s) will get an email notifying them.

To approve these, go back to the Time Off tab and select PTO Requests.

Under PTO requests, you should see a list of all the pending and approved/declined requests.

If you are approving the PTO request, click on the check mark. This will pop up a box to add the time off request to the calendar and/or include the time off request in timesheets.

If you check the box to "create a timesheet entry," this will include the requested hours in your payroll report.
If you check the box to "create a shift schedule," this will show on your Timeero calendar so you are aware that an employee is off that day.
If you decline a time off request, the employee will be notified.

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