Everyone needs to take some time off work for various reasons. Asking for time off shouldn't require you to have to make a phone call or send a series of text messages or emails to your supervisor. With Timeero, tracking time is a breeze.

Let's get started on how to request time off.....

Go to Time Off > Request Time Off on the left hand menu.
Pick the time off category you are requesting for then select a start and end date.
You can select a full day or half day worth of time off. A full day in Timeero represents 8 hours. If you want a duration outside of a full day or half a day, then enter a custom number of hours.

Once you are done, click the Send button and a notification email will be sent to your administrator for approval or rejection.

You should get an email notification if your request is approved or not.

Once your time off is approved, it will show up in your PTO requests lists as approved.

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