You can invite an unlimited number of users or teammates into Timeero.

You can invite users through the mobile apps or through the web portal. In order to get more advanced settings, we recommend you use the web portal.

Go to Employees > Add New Employee. Fill in the names and any other requested info.

Fill in the first name and last name of the employee

Email and Password:
The email will be used as the username for the user/employee to log in to the mobile apps. The password is case sensitive and that is the password the employee will use to log in to the app. Once the Invite User button is clicked, they will be sent an email and an SMS (only if Invite Via SMS is checked) with their email and password in it.
If you are having difficulty picking and remembering passwords for employees, you can use a standard convention such as "Last name" + "last four of SSN). So if my last name were Smith and last 4 of my SSN were 1234, my password would be Smith1234.
Do some employees not have emails? We generally don't recommend fake or invalid emails because we send important on-boarding emails, overtime notification emails to employees etc which your users need to receive. However if you do choose to use an invalid or fake email, don't expect them to receive crucial information sent through email.

Track User Location:
When turned on, this will require your users to verify and have their locations captured when clocking in and clocking out. Turning this on will also ensure that mileage tracking happens. In order to make sure that users are correctly tracked, their smartphones will need to have location tracking and other settings correctly set. Here are some links on how to troubleshoot GPS settings on iOS and Android.

Hourly Rate:
The hourly or base pay rate is used to calculate how much money is owed to an employee for time worked. Set it to 0 if it's a salaried employee or if the rate is unknown.
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