How do I accept or decline a shift inside of Timeero?
Firstly, your company admin needs to turn on this setting to enable you to accept or decline a shift.

Only admins can turn on the ability to accept or decline a scheduled shift. To turn this on as an admin, go to Company Settings > General and then turn on Allow users to accept or decline a scheduled shift

If you are assigned a shift, you will get an email like below:

Employees can accept/decline a shift in two ways:
Through the web/desktop app
Through the mobile app

Desktop - how to accept/decline on the web app
To accept, decline or cherry pick a shift, you will need to log in to the website
Go to Scheduling > Pending Shifts
Click the check mark to accept. Click the X to decline.
Once a shift is accepted or declined, a thumbs up (accepted) or thumbs down (declined) will appear on the schedule in the web portal.

Mobile - how to accept or decline on the mobile app

To accept/decline shifts on mobile, simply open the scheduled shift & click on Accept or Decline to accept or decline it.
An accepted shift will have a green background in the list of shifts view. A declined shift will have a red background in the list of shifts view.

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