To setup your integration with Gusto, simply login to your Timeero account, go to the Integration tab and select Gusto.

Setting up Gusto
The website will route you to Gusto page where you will need to give authorization for Timeero to access your account.

Syncing Changes from Gusto

Select Sync Changes from Gusto in the top right corner. This will import your employees and jobs from your Gusto account.
Choose the correct employees in Gusto to the appropriate Gusto Jobs and Timeero employees. Select Map Employee on the right side (Action tab) next to each employee you want to map.

Exporting data to Gusto
Once you have mapped out employees and jobs, you can start sending reports and time sheets to Gusto. To do so follow these steps:

Select Reports in your Timeero account and select the report you wish to send. The Gusto integration does not work with Report by Totals.
Select the date (or job, employee if you are running a specific report) and select Get Report.
Click on Export to Gusto.
A dialog box will pop up for you to select your Payroll period.
If the correct Payroll period is not available to select, in Timeero please head over to Integrations > Gusto Mapping and then click on Sync Changes from Gusto

Once you have exported the report to Gusto, you can find it under the Run Payroll tab in your Gusto account. Select the date you'd like to view and your employees updated hours will show.

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