Grouping employees enables you to keep your account organized and is an excellent option for any business, big or small. You can use Groups when you are assigning Jobs and Tasks to a large number of users or for specific teams and departments.  For example, you could create a group named Sales or Warehouse.

With Timeero, it is incredibly simple to group your employees by team or department using our Groups feature. 

To add a new group:

Click on Employees
Next Click on Groups

Next Click on Add Group - Big Orange Button on the top right hand side of your screen. Once you click that, you will be taken here:

On this page, you will enter the Group Name of your choice and select which users (employees) will be assigned to this Group. When finished, Click on Save Group.

You will be taken back to your Groups page. Here you can see the number of Employees that are in each Group and you can easily edit the Group by clicking on the Pencil Icon located to the right of each Group.

How To View Users in a Group:

Go to Employees
Next Click on Groups
Next, in the 'No Of Employees' column, you can click on the Flag Icon (to the right of # Employees). It looks like this:

How To Assign Users To A Group:

You can do this on the Employees page OR the Groups page by clicking on the Pencil Icon.
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