Learn how to customize meal and rest breaks in Timeero

Break Planning gives you the ability to customize employee breaks and break types. For instance you can create meal and rest breaks for your team.

In Timeero there are two kinds of breaks ☕️:
Automatic break - this is a break that is automatically inserted into team members time entries. We highly encourage you to check your state laws or consult an employment/labor law attorney in your state or country before using this. You can learn more about automatic breaks https://help.timeero.com/en-us/article/automatic-lunch-breaks-deductions-14cum3w/.
A manual break is one where employees can start and stop on their own. In this article we will focus on the manual breaks. The GPS tracking and mileage tracking stops when a user is on a break.

How to manage Break Rules
In order to use manual breaks, you first need to turn it on. You can by going to Company Settings > General and then turn on Allow employees to take breaks manually set up the break rules. Go to Company Settings > Breaks.
Add a break type by choosing Add Break Rule.
Give your break a name, preferably something your team can understand.
Enter the length of the break if there is a required length for the break. There is an option to prevent workers from ending a break if the break has a set length. It is the Workers can’t end break early. Choose No set length If you don’t have a set length .
Select unpaid if you want the break to be deducted from the employees total duration on a time entry.
Be sure to click Add Break to save your changes.

Break Rule

Deleting and deactivating a break rule
To delete a break rule, simply click on the trash can icon next to it.
You can also deactivate a break rule by clicking on the x button. A deactivated break rule will not be available to your team.

NOTE: Only Admins can manage break rules

Adding breaks to a time entry
Now that you’ve created a break rule, your team should be able to have access to the manual break on their phone.

Adding multiple breaks as an Administrator
To add more breaks you can do so on the web version of Timeero.

First choose Break details and you should see an expanded break section.

Choose the break type you want to use. As a reminder, unpaid break times will be deducted from the duration of the timesheet so team members are not compensated for it.

Adding breaks with the start and end time
Set the duration in minutes or check the Set break start and end time to set specific times.

How to add a break from the mobile app
Breaks are available on the Timeero iOS and Android apps. To utilize breaks on the mobile apps, there has to be at least one break rule set up.
Once a break rule has been set up, there will be an option to start a break in the mobile app. In order to see the start break choice, the user has to first clock in and the button will appear as below:

Next you can select the break rule from the list of breaks on there.
Selecting a break rule from the list of breaks

How to add a break on web as an employee
In order to add a break, you first need to clock in.
Go ahead and clock in on the web app. Once you are clocked in, there will be an option to choose Start Break.
Click on Start Break and you should be presented with an option to choose a Break Type.
Choose the Break Type you want to use for your break.

Starting a break as an employee on the web app
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