You can automatically insert lunch breaks in your employee’s timesheet using Timeero.
To turn on automatic lunch breaks go to Company Settings > General.

Scroll till you see “Insert lunch break automatically”. In here you can set a threshold of hours to trigger automatic lunch break deductions. Next, you can set how much time to deduct per lunch break.

Currently, the automatic lunch breaks are applied company wide so you cannot set it up as a per job basis

Automatic Lunch Deduction Settings

The Automatic Lunch Deduction feature is very easy to use and saves a tremendous amount of time for lunch deductions. Anytime a user exceeds a set number of hours a day, it automatically deducts the preset lunch hours from their timesheets.
This is particularly useful if you don’t want your employees having to clock out to take breaks.

Any timesheet with a break will have a little icon with a fork and knife:

Lunch break icon

Note: Each night, Timeero will scan all employees to check if they’ve exceeded the lunch break threshold hours. If they have, Timeero will automatically deduct the hours for lunch on their timesheets. Also the automatic lunch break feature checks to see if an employee has already taken a break on any of their timesheets. If it recognizes any breaks longer than the automatic break then no lunch breaks will be inserted. If not then the auto break will be added.

Note: The automatic lunch breaks are added overnight. You can view the lunchbreak on the timesheet the next morning.
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