Direct Messaging
You can directly message all your team members or employees through Timeero through our Announcements feature. We built Announcements after receiving feedback from existing users and potential users such as these:
If something has changed about a job they are currently on or a delivery driver cannot find the job. Someone at the office can send a message through the app for the employee to see.
For additional last minute job info or scheduling.. it would be nice to be able to send messages out to one or more employees through the app instead of texting everyone involved : )

Timeero Announcements allow you to do all of the above and more. Once a message is sent, your recipients will get a notification on their smart phones through the Timeero app (if they have push notifications turned on).

Currently the Timeero app only sends push notifications and does not send email or text messages.
Only users with the Admin or Manager role can send out messages.

How to send an announcement
On the Timeero web app, go to the Announcements tab
Select New Message.
You can choose to send a message to your entire team or a select few team members.
Once a message is sent, your recipients will get notified if they have the Timeero app on their smartphone.

To view a notification message, one has to log in on the mobile app. On the iPhone and Android apps, there will be a section called Announcements. In there you can view all your announcement messages. Any messages highlighted in blue represents an unread message.

View on the iPhone
How to see who's read your messages
You can visit the Announcements page to view how many recipients have read your messages.
On that page is the Read count. The first number represents how many recipients have read the message. The second number after the slash represents the total recipients of the message.
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