Capture start & end addresses

Our premium plan captures the clock-in and clock-out addresses

Premium Plan - Orange Label

Clock-in and out addresses can be found on timesheets, the mileage report, and the who's working page.

To view addresses on timesheets:

1. Click on Time & Mileage

2. Find the timesheet you want to view and click on the eyeball icon


To view addresses on a report:

1. Click on Reports

2. Click on Report by Mileage

3. Select a date range and then click on Generate Report


To view the clock-in address on the who's working page:

1. Click on Who's Working

2. On the right-hand side, click on a user to zoom into their location

3. Click on the user's pin with the initials or photo on it

4. A pop-up will appear and show the clock-in address