Automatic Lunch Break Deductions

Timeero offers an alternative to manual breaks, so users do not have to start and end them manually.

With the proper settings, breaks can be automatically inserted into timesheets.

Anytime a user exceeds a set number of hours daily, this feature automatically deducts the preset lunch duration from the timesheet.

These are unpaid breaks.

To Turn On Automatic Breaks:

1. Go to Company Settings > General and turn off Allow users to take breaks manually
2. Scroll until you see “Insert lunch break automatically”. Here you can set a threshold of hours to trigger automatic lunch break deductions. Next, you can set how much time to deduct per lunch break.

3. Click Save

Once the unpaid break has been inserted, you will see a coffee mug icon on the users' timesheet to reflect that the lunch break was deducted.



The automatic lunch breaks are inserted at midnight each day.
Once it has been inserted, you will see the lunch break icon on the user's timesheet view.
Automatic breaks are inserted into timesheets when the timesheet is created on the current date.  If a timesheet is added today for a date that has already passed, the auto break will not be automatically inserted.