Automatic Clock In/Out with Geofencing


Setting up Timeero for automatic clock in/out requires 3 steps.

  1. Configure the company settings
  2. Create a geofence around the job address and turn on geofence actions
  3. Mobile phone set up


Log in to the web portal:

  • Go to Company Settings > General
  • Turn on Allow automatic clock in/out based on GPS location
  • Turn on Require all users to select a job to clock in
  • Turn on Require users to be within geofence to clock in
  • Click on Save


Once you have the correct company settings, go ahead and create a job or choose an existing job. Once your job is set up correctly, your final step will be to set up the phone for the automatic clock in/out.

This video will walk you through setting up a job & phone for the automatic clock in/out with geofencing.


Job & Phone Set up


Every geofence requires you to have a job address.

Once you add the job address, you will need to select Use as the primary address for the job. Once you check that box, a pin will be placed on the map. This is the job location. If you would like to move the pin to a more precise location, you can do so with your mouse. Next, check the Require Geofencing box. This setting ensures that a geofence is created. Set the geofence size by dragging the bar left to right. 100 meters is the minimum boundary that can be created. You will see the geofence boundary (circle) on the map. When a user enters the circle, he or she will be automatically clocked in. When the user exits the circle, he or she will be automatically clocked out. Lastly, turn on Clock in and Clock out under the Geofence Actions. Please see the photo below for proper Job setup.


💻 Geofence Actions


What this tells us is what to do when a user arrives or departs the geographical boundary.

The options for ON DEPARTURE are similar to ON ARRIVAL.

Do Nothing - If this is selected, the user must manually clock into and out of the job. If the user clocks in before arriving at the site and/or clocks out after leaving the site, the timesheet will be flagged for you to see.
Show Smartphone Notification - If this is selected, the user will be reminded to manually clock into and out of the job upon arrival and departure. If the user clocks in before arriving at the site and/or clocks out after leaving the site, the timesheet will be flagged for you to see.
Clock In / Clock Out - Turn this on to have the user be automatically clocked in upon arrival and automatically clocked out upon departure.

The app can choose to do nothing when the user leaves the job site. This can be useful for situations where a user needs to run an errand and does not wish to get clocked out.

However, if you want to remind the user to clock out when leaving the geofence, then use Show notification. It is important to remember that the Show notification option only triggers when the user is clocked into this specific geofence.

Regarding the Members section. By default, these are left blank meaning the geofence actions will apply to all users. However, if you want to apply this to specific people within your company, you can go ahead and choose those individuals. You can choose those people and you can also deselect them that way it only applies to the people that you've chosen to have this apply to.

These settings are very important to get right. And once you have the job set up correctly, you can go ahead and hit the Save button to save your changes.


Setting up the mobile app 📲


Next, ensure that the mobile app is correctly set up. Each employee will need to make sure they are logged into the app.

iOS video

Android video

NOTE: Do not force close the app. Geofence will not work if the app is forced closed.


The first thing you want to do is ensure that your phone has the correct location setting. To do this, we will need to go to the Settings app on the iPhone or Android device and give the Timeero app the proper location permission, which is Always. You will also need to turn on Background App Refresh, Motion, Fitness, and finally, Precise Location. If the mobile device is not set up correctly, automatic clock in/out will not work.



Next, open the Timeero app & head over to settings, and choose** Automatic Clock In/Out.**

By default, it is turned on and the workdays are set from Monday to Friday. What this means is that automatic clock in/out through geofencing will only happen during the weekdays between 8 am and 6 pm. These settings can be configured to suit the user's needs.



For automatic clock in/out to work, all settings must be configured correctly. Please double check that you have the correct Company Settings, Job settings, and Mobile settings.


If you have any questions about the automatic clock in and out, you can check out our troubleshooting article or reach out to our support team.