95% of Timeero users will use less than 20 MB of data a month. Your daily user of Timeero can expect to use about 15 MB a month.
The amount of data used by Timeero varies and depends on various factors such as:

  • The frequency of clock ins, clock outs and job switches.
  • The role of the user. Administrators sync down more data, because administrators have access to company wide features. 
  • Internet connection. When connected to Wifi, no data is used.
  • How often employees switches or changes geographical locations

In general, data usage on Timeero is minimal and uses nothing compared to what you will experience using Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

To check how much data your apps or Timeero app uses on your mobile device:

  • iOS: Go to Settings > Cellular > Scroll till you see Timeero.
  • Android: Go to Settings > Apps > Application Manager > Scroll till you see Timeero.

Here is an idea of how much data is used by a daily user of Timeero, 12 MB of data:

An app used on a daily basis such as Gmail uses about 696 MB when used on a daily basis over a month. Also an app such as Google Maps, which is not used on a frequent basis uses about 529 MB a month:

Timeero does not use very much data compared to these apps and many other apps used on a daily basis.

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